Tips Change Default Password of Router

The users need the home broadband routers to access the internet and it let them to create wireless network to their premises. The routers have the common and default IP address, The IP address range may differ but the above mentioned address will be set up the modem companies while manufacturing them. The vendor management tools let the users to change the default IP if they desire. The users can easily connect to the set up page using their web browsers. They need to type to access the router. The default login ID and password is Admin and it can be changed to secure the network.

The Linksys is the most popular home network router and the users who wish to change the password for this router need to follow the upcoming tips.

  • At first, the users should ensure that all required cables should be connected. It can be checked using the computer’s default browser, Internet Explorer.
  • Now, the users need to enter the default IP address to the browser and need to press the enter button.
  • A prompt will be opened. It will ask the users to enter the username and password to access the router. Now, the users should provide the default credentials to access the router page.
  • The users can now see the Setup page for the Router. Then they should click on the tab named Administration. It will open a specific page, where the users can find the option to change the Username and Password for Linksys router.
  • Finally, the users should click on the Save Changes button. The changed password should be given next time in order to access the webpage.

The password should be easy to remember but it must contain alphanumeric characters and special symbols. It will help the users to safeguard their network from any kind of threat and the home network would be safe. Similarly, it is good to change the router’s password often.