Effective Cabling System

The unique and industry leading cable is designed with inner loose tubes that are manufactured by taking hard Polyamide material. The crush resistant materials make the procedure of installation extremely easy without kinking tubes while splicing. It helps in eliminating the requirement for additional fillers that are recognized for making the OSP installation awkward.

Marked Benefits of Cabling System

Those ultra-small loose tubes also help in arranging fibers for top class identification. Fibers are color coded for simple cum quick marking that greatly facilitates the whole installation procedure. Some marked benefits that make the present cabling system well known among majority include the following:

  • A-class bends performance
  • Trouble free operation in all sorts of environment
  • High robustness during installation and operation
  • High speed
  • Ease of installation
  • Minimized kinking at the time of handling tubes

Products in Relation with This Operation

There are various products in relation to this type of operation that have been mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Air blown micro cables – These cables are available for numerous installation environments like direct buried installation and many more into an existing pipe. It may take place in other indoor installation as well.
  • Assemblies for micro cables – Assemblies for micro cables are available readily for several environments in relation with installation. Such environments include direct buried installation into an existing indoor installation.
  • Ducts, joints and accessories – Components for splicing microducts along with protective closures are also available for taking the activity to a certain extent. Protective closures are also available for duct branching and joining.
  • Fiber distribution hubs – Fiber distribution hub is considered to be the location of passive fiber optic devices. Those devices may include fiber optic splitters along with cross connection facilities.